Want To Get High Legally? Pack Your Bags For These Countries


Smoking up is a dream for many but sadly in most of the countries it is something that is absolutely illegal. Does that break your heart? Well, cheer up! Here are some of the countries where you can smoke up without the risk of getting arrested. Interested? Read on! India At some parts of India, […]

Funny Facts About North Korea That Are Equally Tragic

North Korea is known for the countries tragic treatment of its population but some of the nation’s history is really funny. Here are 6 fun facts about North Korea that will make you laugh hard. Do let us know about the one you liked best! The Photoshop The recent submarine-launched missile test pictures released by […]

Deadly Places On Earth That You Cannot Visit Thanks To Mankind

We celebrate Earth’s Day and take a pledge to make this world a better place. However, how did we come to this where we have to remind people to take care of their home? Well, here are few of the many examples of how human destroyed the earth. Today we have five places which are […]

5 Traditional But Unusual Ice Cream Flavours That Will Baffle You

Ice Cream Flavors

When it comes to food we can often see that one food that is traditional in one country is bizarre in another. Like the American classics like peanut butter and root beer are considered odd and even disgusting outside the US. But ice- cream is something that is well enjoyed worldwide. There are top 5 […]

Ridiculously Expensive Toys That Only The Super Riche Can Afford

maxresdefault (3)

Toys! Beaten, broken, and thrown. For most, this is the ultimate fate that their toys meet. However, when you hear the price of these toys then you will wish that if you had them you will value them more than your life. Why? It is because these toys are super costly. So, without further delay […]

Apt And Funny Answers To Idiotic Questions People Asked Travel Agents

Optimized-travel-agency-system-flexibility (1)

When you book a trip from a travel agent, then it is only natural that you will come up with different kinds of questions. The travel agents should be able to answer your questions as to make sure that your trip is flawless. However, when you come up with a bunch of stupid questions then […]

Terrifying Yet Fascinating Facts You Secretly Want To Know


This world is a strange place and the only constant aspect is that of change. Every day something we know is slowly turning away. Here are some of the facts that you may or may not know which will certainly keep you baffled. Ready to explore? Rattlesnakes are learning to hide their sound One of […]

#NewsOnGo: Top 5 News You Have Missed Last Week

Digital camera on flexible tripod recording a video of woman at desk.

Hello there! The world is full of news happening every moment. We know you miss some and getting awed at others. That is why we have started our new segment where we tell you about the top 5 news of the bygone week. Ready to know them? South Korea’s Spy Agency Rigged The 2012 Election […]

Weird Reasons That Got These Cartoons Banned Across Different Countries


Do you love watching cartoons? Yes, we are talking about the adult version of you. Don’t worry, even as an adult, there is no harm if you are totally addicted to watching the different types of cartoons. We all enjoy the moments of escape and the best part is that there are many cartoons that […]

Random But Interesting Travel Facts That Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags


Traveling is something that almost everyone loves or claims on their social media posts. Whatever the case may be but here are some of the facts about travel. They are unrelated facts that are random but showcase the beautiful side of travel in the best possible way. See for yourself! Be better Do you know […]

Why An Octopus Is Better Than Your Boyfriend?


Octopuses are awesome! Yes, there we have said it. Residing deep down the vast sea, these creatures are those who can pose serious competition to your boyfriend. You think we are kidding? We KID YOU NOT. Here are the reasons why you should choose an octopus as your next boyfriend. Unbound smartness Well, scientifically proven […]

New-Age Advertisement Paving A Path By Supporting LGBTQ Community With Pride


Homosexuality, even the mere mention of the word is still a big thing in many of the society, whereas some countries have taken a progressive step towards acceptance. In a country like India, on one hand, we can see the pride marches in different parts and on the other the hate pouring against the community. […]

The Thoughts We Had While Watching The Latest Episode 4 Of GOT Season 7


Excitement, anticipation, joy, sadness, and laughter! Game of Thrones is probably the only show that takes you through a trip of all the emotions in the curve. The scene is no different for the latest fourth episode of the seventh season. There was so many thought jumping around in our head while watching the recent […]