Funny Facts About North Korea That Are Equally Tragic

North Korea is known for the countries tragic treatment of its population but some of the nation’s history is really funny. Here are 6 fun facts about North Korea that will make you laugh hard. Do let us know about the one you liked best!

The Photoshop

The recent submarine-launched missile test pictures released by North Korea in 2015 by Kim Jong-un were photoshopped. Before they released images of hovercraft coming to the shore which was believed to be Photoshopped too.


Kim Jong-il’s a Film Buff

Kim Jong-il was an obsessive movie buff and he reported to be owned over 20000 video tapes. He produced a patriotic 100-part documentary series on the history of the North Korean homeland and wrote a book titled “On the Art of Cinema.” He even kidnapped a South Korean director and his wife to create North Korea’s film industry.


Fake City

Kim Jong-il sponsored the creation of a whole fake city at the border of North and South Korea to promote immigration by South Koreans.


Threats Sent Using Fax Machine

With a government structure that limits freedom to such degree, it is no surprise that the country is backward economically. Communication in this place appears horribly outdated.


World Cup

With the country’s great economic difficulties, many North Koreans have fled the country; nearly 23000 people in last sixty years. Yet in the World Cup, a legion of fans from North Korea attended the team’s game. Later reports revealed that the fans cheering for the North Korean soccer team were actually paid Chinese actors and they were handpicked by the North Korean regime to seemingly best represent the fandom of their country.



A fascinating fact on this list is that North Korea is the only country in the whole world that is a Necrocracy – a government that still operates under the rules of a former dead ruler. Let us just leave it to North Korea to do what is not done anywhere around the world.




Funny Facts About North Korea That Are Equally Tragic

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