Apt And Funny Answers To Idiotic Questions People Asked Travel Agents

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When you book a trip from a travel agent, then it is only natural that you will come up with different kinds of questions. The travel agents should be able to answer your questions as to make sure that your trip is flawless. However, when you come up with a bunch of stupid questions then they are bound to lose their mind. Here are some such instances where the idiotic questions were met with funny answers.

Have you ever asked something like this?

Can the weather be guaranteed?

Well, of course, I have all these apps in my phone that perfectly controls the weather


If the plane crashes, I want to live. Give me the safest seat!

Sure, but I would suggest you stay at home to avoid that altogether. Oh, wait! What if a plane crashes into your house?


Are there sharks in that ocean?

Well, last time we checked they were also trying to book a cruise with us. So, who knows?


Does the sunset there?

No! Of course, the owners of the sun made a special arrangement with that country.

setting sun

How far do planes go?

They go round and round and round…


Am I speaking to a live agent?

We do not discriminate; have hired dead ones and zombies too!


Is food included in an all-inclusive?

Will that make you eat more?


Do I have to use my real name to buy the ticket?

No, you can always be the girl with no name!


Does the time difference mean we’ll get there faster?

Yes, like being teleported. Oh, wait! Forget I said that, I don’t want to explain that to you. So, the answer is NO.


Will there be noisy guests at the hotel?

Why? You don’t want any competition?


Is it windy on the beach?

Nope, just sandy.


Can we pet the lions on an African safari?

They are waiting for you to do that. They do enjoy delicious human meat.




Apt And Funny Answers To Idiotic Questions People Asked Travel Agents

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