11 Tips Every One Planning For World Travel Needs To Know


There are some, among us, who has a bug inside that compel us to travel around the world. However, there are many misconceptions that are prevailing about traveling the whole world. If you have been bitten by the same bug and want to see the world then here are some useful tips for you.

It’s not vacation

When you travel for the long term then it is going to be exhausting. Do not think that it is all fun and no work. There are lots of work involved in traveling that includes planning, research, and budgeting.

go there

Alone is better

Initially, it may seem that you always need someone by your side to travel but soon it will turn out that you are better off alone. Why? It is too much of irritation to wait for all the others to fit your plan and at times, you may have to change your plans. On top of that, traveling alone may sound scary but it isn’t.

alone is better

Manage the size of the backpack

If you are excited to buy the biggest backpack that you could find, then that will be a horrible mistake. When you are traveling daily you won’t need the aid of the bigger bag and that few extra pounds will turn as a torture.

bag pack

Work is needed

Money is not infinite. You need to have a stable source of income that will act as your platform when you return from your trip.


Do not go for everything

You can never do everything. There will always be something that you are bound to miss. Thus, stop regretting if you miss something and enjoy the moment.

do not go for everything

It won’t go away

There are many who think that once you have traveled, the urge goes away. However, it will never happen. You will always find the urge rising inside.

it won't go away

Home is important

There is a need that you need to go back to your home. That is your point of emotional connect and you also need to recharge before going on another trip.

Home is important

Cheap isn’t bad

When you travel long term then it involves a lot of investment. Thus, you need to search for those options that are cheaper. One of the best one is hostels.

Cheap isn’t bad

Change in view

The more you travel, the more open minded you become. This is a truth and a positive side of world travel. You will also learn which something you thought was good are actually not and on the other hand, the things you eliminated as bad are actually good. You will see your mind expanding.


Slow down

There is no point in moving around so fast that you miss the pleasure. Settle down and take some time to see each place.


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It is not a competition that you are entering. Traveling around the world has only one purpose and that is pleasing yourself. You need to make sure that the places you are traveling are making you happy and igniting light in your heart.

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11 Tips Every One Planning For World Travel Needs To Know

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