Reasons That Prove That Smoking Marijuana Is Actually Fucking Good For Your Body


It might come out as a surprise to you if I say smoking marijuana (weed) could be beneficial for your healthy body. Although smoking tobacco is injurious for health, cannabis (marijuana) can significantly be less harmful. In fact, it can offer several health benefits to us. Here we go: Treats Alzheimer’s Cannabis slows the production […]

7 Signs To Determine If You Are Really Addicted To The Drug Called LOVE


What really is love? Is it an emotion or a choice? Well, to that I would say that love is neither a choice nor a decision. It is an out-of-the-world feeling that you would have never felt before until you meet the “Only One”. But how to know whether it is love and not lust? […]

If You Consider Loneliness As Old Wives’ Tales That You Should Think Once Again


There’s a very thin difference between solitude and loneliness. Some people enjoy being alone and love the time they spend with themselves and for some, being lonely is a negative feeling. This is why loneliness is somewhat still misinterpreted by few people in the society. So, here we have come up with those fallacies that […]

Trust Me! These Amazing Drinks Could Do More Than Quenching Your Thirst


In our busy lives, we are so stuck up that we hardly take some ‘ME-time’ out for ourselves and pay necessary attention to our health. While many people reach to the medicine bar to seek relief, there are a number of healthy drinks that can be way more than helpful than any medications. So, if […]

Things To Do If You Are Being Harassed Online

As online platform brings the world closer the dark side is also gaining it’s prominence. Yes, we are talking about online harassment which is one of the essential issues that we need to address. In this article, we will take a look at distinctive aspects of online harassment that will  help you in creating a […]

Tips To End Long Term Relationship That Minimize The Heartbreaking Pain


Be it your day, your night, the yummy apple pie you’re taking a dig into at this moment, relationships, life everything has a shelf life. The genuine question is, how should it all end? Should it all end with a bash or gradually, while you appreciate all the good memories of the experience; or in […]

New-Age Advertisement Paving A Path By Supporting LGBTQ Community With Pride


Homosexuality, even the mere mention of the word is still a big thing in many of the society, whereas some countries have taken a progressive step towards acceptance. In a country like India, on one hand, we can see the pride marches in different parts and on the other the hate pouring against the community. […]

Is There Really A Way To Behave After A Break Up?


We have all been at the end of the rope. We all have either ruined things, or have had some other person end things for us. It is actually, one of those touching spaces where no one ever wants to be. It is very embarrassing. But do you know what’s even more gauche? It is […]

Can You Guess What Is The Material Of These Wedding Dresses?


Marriage is a beautiful thing and it would be truly rare to find one such woman who hasn’t yet dreamt of her prince charming and getting married to him on the big day. In fact, most of the women even before reaching the age of 18 plans out almost all the details of their wedding […]

5 Great Fashion Secrets You Must Know If you are Not So Tall


We are either less gifted, stressed to grow beards or perhaps are just 5’6” or under in height. But the fact is that this has never bunged us from looking our best! We are dressed with the best in fashion, track the trends like a pro and sometimes, even try out because we can. So, […]

7 Issues That Men Have Always Faced But Society Have Always Ignored

Let’s be clear. There have been a hell lot of times when media glares have highlighted the women’s challenges that they have been facing in society till date. But somehow our society has ignored the problems faced by men. Well, it is a fact that at one end where men do not try to speak […]

This Legendary Actress Is The Latest Icon To Feature At Madame Tussauds Museum


There’s no doubting the fact that having a wax statue of Bollywood icons at the famous museum, Madame Tussauds has become the notable yet latest trend in present times. And guess what? The latest Bollywood celebrity to join the other famous stars at the museum has happened to be none other than the Bollywood Queen […]

This Is How A Woman Is Seen By Society And Why It Makes us Angry


It was some time ago when I watched a superb film documentary named as Miss Representation whose story revolves around how women are represented in terms of power and position in the society. That made me realize that if ever women will be able to get equal rights as men. In our modern society, women […]