7 Signs To Determine If You Are Really Addicted To The Drug Called LOVE


What really is love? Is it an emotion or a choice? Well, to that I would say that love is neither a choice nor a decision. It is an out-of-the-world feeling that you would have never felt before until you meet the “Only One”. But how to know whether it is love and not lust? Or how to judge you truly love them and not just adore them?

Well, to retrace your developed emotions, here we have come up with simple and clear-cut ways to know whether or not you love him.

Addiction or Habit

Maybe you are not bored of that person. You have got the habit to see them daily with the same feeling that you had during your first meet with them. You get addicted to them, their lifestyle and their behaviour.


You make them meet and like your family

This may have never happened to you earlier until you met someone whom you willingly involve in your family gatherings or social groups. You treat them as a family person and wish your family to like them the same way you do.


Celebrations together

Although you did not succeed in one or the other event, you celebrate their success happily. Their happiness, success, and excitement make you feel happy and excited too. This surely could only be possible when you are in deeply, madly and truly love with that person.


Like-Like everywhere

It is simple, you like them, they like you and everything is set. Since we are talking about love, we mentioned liking as a factor because liking is just as step to climb up the stairs of love. It is probably a qualification required for falling in love.


Distance matters and so, missing takes place

If you are truly in love with someone, you won’t easily let that person go away from you and if somehow circumstances apart you, your hearts would still be connected. You will start missing the person the next moment they have left. Missing also comes with dependency on someone so much that when you guys are apart, you feel incomplete without them.


Changes acceptance

Who likes changing oneself for others? Nobody! But when you are in love with someone, you’ll start accepting changes in yourself for the sake of making them happy. New characteristics, behavioural patterns, and new habits, all start making a difference in your life.


Jealousy but not suspiciousness

While some amount of jealousy is healthy for a relationship to grow, possessiveness can prove toxic for you. When you are in love, you’ll become sensitive and more committed towards the significant other. You’ll not suspect but jealous. You’ll understand but not doubt.

Jealousy but not suspiciousness

Well, if you see any of the signs or all of them in yourself then congratulations. You are in love… Happy loving!



7 Signs To Determine If You Are Really Addicted To The Drug Called LOVE

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