Do You Make Numerous Bathroom Trips In The Middle Of Night Just To Pee? Here’s The Solution!


As per studies, a person, on an average, goes to the washroom to pee once or twice every night. And that’s perfectly OK, considering the amount of water intake before hitting the bed but if someone makes multiple trips and wakes up 5 or 6 times for urinating then it might come as a cause of concern for them.

Here we going to discuss the possible causes of Excessive Night time Urination and how to stop that effectively.

Is your 2 A.M. pee scaring the life out of you?

Having to go to the bathroom to pee every midnight is a very common trouble faced by most of the people. It is known as ‘nocturia’. Being a common problem doesn’t make it a normal one. It is reported that this nocturia is experienced more by women than men.


Reasons that are forcing you to wake up in the middle of the night to pee:

If you are thinking of pee even with the closed eyes then you may be suffering from overactive bladder but if you are wake up already and figure out that you need to go then it is insomnia that’s troubling you rather than bladder control issues.

If the issue is severe then it may also be an indication of an underlying health issue like diabetes or improper functioning of an organ of body.


Well, it is possible to sleep without any interference of pee:

There are few ways by which you can control excessive bathroom visits. Firstly, you should avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee or alcohol close to sleeping as they may also be the cause of your frequent urination at night. Hence, it is advised generally to limit the intake of fluids near to the bedtime.


Second, you can go for medications:

See, to be honest, medicines like anticholinergics are prescribed that help relax bladder muscles while reducing the persistent urination. But these medicines can only reduce the issue not cure it. So, it would be best if you see a specialist regarding the matter.


landscape different-medicines

So, if you continue to see yourself getting up to pee more than once or twice, visit a doctor. And treat yourself soon.



Do You Make Numerous Bathroom Trips In The Middle Of Night Just To Pee? Here’s The Solution!

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