Things You Do Due To Depression Which Others Can Never Realize


Depression is something that works in ways that usually other people can’t see. It is the invisible cage that keeps you trapped and does not allows you to move forward in life. However, the effects of depression are not always visible and people cannot make sense of the way you behave due to the same. […]

Subtle ways by which we promote rape culture in our children


“If you talk to your daughter about safety Talk to your son about consent” It is very certain that no parent would ever teach their kids about rape culture but it turns out that well-mannered parents even teach their children about rape culture through many subtle ways, unknowingly. Although as parents we usually don’t talk […]

Some Shocking Myths About Women That We Need To Stop Believing

With women empowerment at its peak, many women are seemed to be occupying some important and well-deserved positions on a global scale. The notion that ‘What a man can do, a woman can always do’ has now proved to be true. But there are many old stereotypes that women are still subjected to and those […]

These Pictures Are A Perfect Description To Society’s Insane Double Standards

Do you also wish to see your country among those progressive and developing nations (of course like the U.S.A? I guess you do so. Well, irrespective of the advancements in science and technology, culture and lifestyle, our country and its society is still isn’t as liberal as it should be and the reason only points […]

You’ve Been Showering Wrong Your Entire Life & You Never Knew About It

wrong showering

At first, you’ll find the title little odd and you might even think ‘Ah! That’s so stupid. How can someone not know the tactic to have a shower? After all, we have been doing this basic cleaning activity since the time we are born’. But guys! We were fooled as we are showering wrong the […]

How To Support Your Partner To Overcome The Horror Of Rape?


Supporting a fighter of sexual violence can be intimidating. Usually, the people are scared of saying or performing ‘the wrong thing’, or of ‘damaging’ somebody further because they ‘don’t know enough’. But you don’t need to be a professional to do this. If you are ready to listen, the survivor who has opened her or […]

Why Anna’s Husband Took The Forbidden Path Of Cheating? Reasons Men Cheat

Men cheating on women

“It was their 15th year marriage anniversary and Anne was determined to celebrate it in the best way possible. However, her world came crashing down when she came to know that her husband is cheating on her. They were a happy couple then what went wrong that he cheated?” Cheating, as hard and hateful it […]

How to De-Stress your Employees & Boost the Productivity at Work


You can build up stress in any job, even if you feel affection for what you do. Deadlines, presentations, and what not! Office life is filled with likely stressors. Stress can have depressing consequences for employees from exhaustion and sleep disorder to the lack of enthusiasm and curiosity.Stress not only takes a personal toll on […]

7 Clear Signs That Tell He Wants To Marry You Soon

  You and your partner have been in a relationship for quite a long time. Things are going quite smoothly and well, to say, your relationship has now jumped to a next level i.e. matrimony. But you are still not sure that whether he’s ready to marry you. Does he see you as ‘The Only […]

Childhood Mini-Humiliations That Marked People Deeply For Life


“Childhood is like being drunk Everyone remembers what you did, Except you!” This is the reality that stands true for many. However, here are some stories where the kids wished that their childhood was like a drunken day. Why? Well, they had to face horrifying mini-humiliation that surely scarred them for life. Here are some […]