You May Be Lucky If You Have Letter ‘X’ On Your Palms, Only 3% People Possess IT


Do you believe in palm reading or palmistry? Or have you ever visited a palm reader so as to know what does your palm lines indicate about your personality? Well, we all know that our different palm lines like –the life line or the heart line indicate much interesting information about us correspondingly.

So, now we have come up with the less known yet latest concept of letter X that you might have on your palms. So, bring your hands together, join your palms and watch whether you have Letter X on your palms or not. And if you do have, you are lucky and how!

Palmistry is an ancient method of foretelling the future that traces its root back to Indian astrology. The renowned scholar Alexander the Great showed a deep interest in palm reading and it’s said that he even planned his lifestyle as per his palm lines.


If scholars are to be believed, Alexander had unique palm lines and a unique marking of letter ‘X’ on his palms. Moreover, it was then later reported that like Alexander, only 3% of people carry letter X on their palms.


But what this letter X indicates? Well, a study was conducted by the STI University in Moscow and it stated that those who possess letter X on palms are inexplicably leaders or pioneers with unparalleled skills.


Few of the people who carried or are carrying letter X include Greek Emperor Alexander the Great, President Abraham Lincoln and Russian President Vladimir Putin.


So, in a nutshell, people with X letter are powerful, carry great leadership abilities, efficient, intuitive and yes, not to forget to mention, quite lucky.


Well, now it’s your turn to join your palms and analyze.



You May Be Lucky If You Have Letter ‘X’ On Your Palms, Only 3% People Possess IT

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