This Is How A Woman Is Seen By Society And Why It Makes us Angry


It was some time ago when I watched a superb film documentary named as Miss Representation whose story revolves around how women are represented in terms of power and position in the society. That made me realize that if ever women will be able to get equal rights as men.

In our modern society, women are still seen as nothing more than sex objects. They are still objectified based on sexuality and cultural grounds. So, here we throw a light on how women have been continued to view by the society.

Our society has constructed some feminine beauty standards that are ideally very difficult for every woman to achieve. And perhaps, every girl cannot be like the one we see in magazines or on the screen, right?


But somehow, these standards insist all the women to believe that they are not perfect and they need to change the way they are. Hence, this is why, body shaming tends to dominate in our society.


By the way, who says being beautiful will only help women to succeed? Well, I would like to correct them whosoever says so. As it’s not only about beauty, it is about personality that speaks about a woman.


To be fair and frank, it’s a matter of shame for us to live in a society that still forces women to keep aside their dreams, career choices and ask them to get married at a very tender age.


And those who are allowed to achieve their goals are termed as ‘Bossy, selfish or worthless’


Mo matter how a woman achieves she would always be criticized by the people around her.


Oh yes! How can we not mention this? Sexual assault is one such thing that I suppose every woman would have faced at one or the other point in their lives.


They are seen as mere puppets that can be played by men as puppeteers. I mean a total shit!


Well, it needs to STOP. Women should be treated by the society the same way men have always been treated. Time to change the thinking, view and opinions of the people.



This Is How A Woman Is Seen By Society And Why It Makes us Angry

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