You’ve Been Showering Wrong Your Entire Life & You Never Knew About It

wrong showering

At first, you’ll find the title little odd and you might even think ‘Ah! That’s so stupid. How can someone not know the tactic to have a shower? After all, we have been doing this basic cleaning activity since the time we are born’. But guys! We were fooled as we are showering wrong the entire life.

From how to bath to how to dry ourselves up, we have been ignoring major shower mistakes till date. So, let’s understand those shower habits that we have always been committing without even knowing so as to have a healthier shower the next time

When you ignore those stinky feet and gap between fingers

Many of you might think that while showering you don’t need to work on stinky feet or toes and the gap in between the toes since the soap water is already passing through them but this is one of the biggest mistakes that you are making. You should ensure scrubbing and cleansing in between the toes and later using a cloth to clean it completely.

Cleaning Foot

Using hot water for cleaning the face

While scrubbing down your face with the face wash during a bath you tend to affect the skin probably because the face wash being used gets mixed with shampoo or hair conditioner and as a result, damages the skin followed by dehydration in no time. Wash face with face wash after taking bath and preferably with lukewarm water.

Face Cleaning

You scrub your scalp with fingernails

A good scalp scrub is the most important part of showering. But if you are using fingernails to clean the scalp then you are causing harm more than doing well. Fingernails result in scratching and causes flaking. So, don’t use fingernails and also, avoid cleaning hair in between the hands as it could give a way for new split-ends.


You ignore cleaning of razors and loofahs

I guess this is a very clear-cut mistake that we have been doing. Girls, you love to have those smooth shaven legs but do you also take care of the cleanliness of the razors responsible for giving those shiny legs? Well, you might be ignoring hygiene factor here. Now that you got what I am trying to say, please ensure washing of bath products as well.


You don’t scrub well enough

Firstly, it is important to see whether or not the bath water has a normal temperature. It should not be too hot else it would wash out the moisture of your skin. And secondly, the rinsing way (mainly washing your hair) which is required to be correct for yourself. Those who wash their hair keeping the head tilted to either of the sides could prevent having bacne (pimples on the back) or acne.

P.S: You’ve always kept your hair either on the front side or towards back while washing, right?


You take time to apply lotion or moisturizer

Maybe like you, I am also making this mistake. I have always been using lotion after taking a huge gap in between patting dry the body and moisturizing the body. But the correct way to moisturize skin is to apply lotion as soon as we finish off cleaning the skin with a towel, considering the skin to be little bit wet.


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You’ve Been Showering Wrong Your Entire Life & You Never Knew About It

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