Honest truth that sarcastically takes a dig at the hypocrisy of gender inequality

Strong Women

Do you think that since it is the 21st century the world is more progressive to bridge the gap between gender inequalities? However, there are still some whose thinking and mentality are stuck in that of the Stone Age. From stereotyping to insulting, they perceive the notion that women are inferior. These tweets prove that there are women out there are not taking that shit anymore. Here we are with a collection of such tweets that shows these women are here to call out if you are wrong.

1. The hypocrisy of society to make women think they ‘need’ something


2. It cannot get true that these. It’s not just a physical act


3. Tit for tat 

Tit for tat
4. Makeup or no makeup, it’s just a choice

Makeup or no makeup

5. Wow! Never realized it can be done only by the girl

Never realized

6. That’s true!

7. The hypocrisy of media

hypocrisy of media

8. This might 

work better

9. Learn to listen!

Learn to listen

10. Way to go girl!




Honest truth that sarcastically takes a dig at the hypocrisy of gender inequality

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