New-Age Advertisement Paving A Path By Supporting LGBTQ Community With Pride


Homosexuality, even the mere mention of the word is still a big thing in many of the society, whereas some countries have taken a progressive step towards acceptance. In a country like India, on one hand, we can see the pride marches in different parts and on the other the hate pouring against the community. Amidst this chaos, there are some brands who are certainly taking the LGBTQ movement forward with their new-age advertisement and open support. Here are some of the advertisements that are openly supporting the LGBTQ community.

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Never hide

With a strong catchphrase, this ad surely shows the thing that everyone wants to say.


The path isn’t always straight

The combination of a witty image but a strong copy is everything that one needs to say about the ongoing LGBTQ movement.


Two of a kind

A pair is always beautiful. Nothing can be better when an advertisement showcases the product with a strong statement of supporting a movement.


Are they?

It is funny at the first glance, but then certainly makes you think. Isn’t it?


The voice of protest

Amul is always known for being bold when it comes to portraying social issues through their advertisement. With criminalization of section 377, they did it again.


It should be a choice

We wish someday everyone can exercise their choice to disclose their identity to their parents without the clouds of dread looming over their head.


Different hues

Life is indeed colorful when we are free of our stereotypes, just as depicted.


The needed step

It certainly shows that we are making slow progress. Doesn’t it?




New-Age Advertisement Paving A Path By Supporting LGBTQ Community With Pride

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