Some Shocking Myths About Women That We Need To Stop Believing

With women empowerment at its peak, many women are seemed to be occupying some important and well-deserved positions on a global scale. The notion that ‘What a man can do, a woman can always do’ has now proved to be true. But there are many old stereotypes that women are still subjected to and those myths about women need to be busted soon by society and for the society.

Myth: Women empowerment cost a lot to the men.

It is seen that women have now become more self-independent than they used to be and this is causing men feel inferior. But this is purely a misconception. When a man succeeds, women are not seen as jealous or something then how can a man feel insecure about the women.

Strong Girl

Myth: Girls and calculations do not go hand in hand.

While men have been related to smart and intellectual beings, people have different notions about women relating them to only beauty and no brains. So, if you need a proof, look at the former President of South Korea Park Geun-hye who has proved that women are no less than men.


Myth: Women are emotional and can be easily disturbed under pressure

Women are not strong; they could possibly cry at any moment, get emotional within a fraction of seconds, they are not practical. Those who are still living with this thinking need to change themselves right away. It’s not that women are emotional; it’s just that they give more importance to their emotions than logical thinking. And if men are practical then women need to be emotional for a perfect balance.

These Pictures Are A Perfect Description To Society’s Insane Double Standards


Myth: It’s a male-dominated society

The concept of males dominating the society has somewhat been overruled nowadays with the female representation in the society. Females now have managed to gain their identity and name in this world. But still, people think that today’s culture is ruled and owned by men, which is purely a typecast.

male-dominated society

Myth: Women don’t have leadership qualities

The society that thinks women can’t lead, must give a look at those famous female personalities who have made the entire nation proud by either being a President or a known sports player. So, whosoever gave that women can’t lead need to shun their myth quickly.

Women Leadership

Myth: Girls are made for marriages and not for education

We still belong to a society where girls are subjected to household work and their place is still seen only in homes, not in schools or workplaces. It is said that girls should get married instead of getting the education. But this is not the case anymore now. Girls have now transformed themselves from being a girl-next –door to be one successful woman.

A typical stereotype that needs to be destroyed, isn’t it?


What do you think are these myths about women are still governing the society? Share your views and opinions with us.



Some Shocking Myths About Women That We Need To Stop Believing

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