How To Take A Stand Against People Who Use Silent Treatment Abuse As A Powerful Weapon?


Does your partner give you cold-shoulder when you try to communicate with them? Well, if so happens with you then don’ take it normally as it might soon take the shape of “The mind game” i.e. “Silent Treatment Abuse”. The silent treatment is a kind of emotional abuse that one experiences in a frustrating relationship. In this kind of abuse, the abuser deliberately controls and ignores the other significant person who desires to communicate and have a word with them.

This abuse is experienced mostly by people who are in a relationship with a self-absorbed individual or you may call them informally as Narcissists.

Trust me; there can be no punishment worse than being ignored by the person you see as important in your life.

So, it’s time to put an end to such an offensive treatment. Have a look at the best ways to take a stand and respond to such situation.

Silent treatment- A poison for your relationship

Let’s start with the happy beginning of your relationship. You and your partner have been together for quite a long time now and are happily living with each other. But slowly, you are realizing that instead of being angry, they prefer to stay silent. They don’t throw their frustrations on you and are using silence as a powerful weapon to manipulate you.

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This is none other than Silent Treatment Abuse if…

Your partner is pissed at you but they are not ready to tell you the reason behind them being angry. The explanation to ‘Why’ is hidden. That means they are mad at you but the worse of all is they won’t tell you, offering a silent treatment which soon becomes a kind of abuse.

And in this all mess, you’ll watch yourself going insane because there’s nothing you could do than just expecting your partner to speak up.

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The silent agony of emotional withholding

With the passing hours, days, weeks and months, you are just left with replies like ‘Fine, Hmm, OK, nothing – to mention a few’, from your partner. And all you could do is bearing the pain of such treatment all alone.


But now you are not anymore alone, we are here with you and so to combat such situation we have with a few amazing ways:

  1. Ignoring the silent behavior is the best solution to respond to silent treatment abuse. If you show them you are not upset or you don’t care about their attitude they’ll be tired of showing it to you and hence will give up.

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  1. The smile is the best medicine to all situations. All you can do is confront your partner (abuser) with a smile and let them know that their behaviour is hardly bothering you and I am sure this way will help you to get them to stop wasting their time in controlling you.

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  1. Don’t give the same treatment the way they give you. Though you might want to be the same way they have been with you but trust me, it’s going to make the situation even worse.

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  1. Instead stay calm, don’t react, and don’t let yourself feel in the manner they want you to see (like remorseful, bad, upset as if the entire mess is created by you). If it’s troubling you more than worse then leave the relationship and find your own happiness.


As truly said, loving yourself is the best treatment that can be given by you to you!

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How To Take A Stand Against People Who Use Silent Treatment Abuse As A Powerful Weapon?

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