The Thoughts We Had While Watching The Latest Episode 4 Of GOT Season 7


Excitement, anticipation, joy, sadness, and laughter! Game of Thrones is probably the only show that takes you through a trip of all the emotions in the curve. The scene is no different for the latest fourth episode of the seventh season.

There was so many thought jumping around in our head while watching the recent episode. We couldn’t help but note them down.

The smart ones always have the last laugh

She is strong and intelligent. There is no doubt you will always get a shock when you mess with Olenna, even if she is dying.


It’s always the bank

No matter how ruthless you get or be a smartass. At the end, it is the bank you need to run to! Even Cersei has to do the same.


The motivational overdose

Bran is suddenly like the teenager who has opened a motivational FB page and is acting up. Take it easy bro!

motivational overdose

The darkness

Sadly, the nice lad Bran whom we have come to love so much is turning dark. He is even forgetting the basic of humanity like being grateful.


She is home

Finally!!! Arya is home! We can’t be happier. what about you?


Friendship or romance

Though there is a lot of speculation after the episode but we are sure we would love to see even a friendship budding between Jon and Daenerys.


Will the ego destroy it?

Neither Jon nor Daenerys is ready to lower their ego. Will it bring everyone closer to an unfortunate end?


Punch! Punch! Punch!

We were almost half expecting that Jon will end up punching Theon hard. But! We do also feel a little bad for Theon, after all, is a victim of situations.

Game of Thrones

The fight

Its violence and we are eager to see how the Dothraki finishes Lannister army mercilessly.


Burn it down!

Just like mere trash, people were burnt by Dragon queen. Not to get overexcited but it is one of the most EPIC scenes.


NO! Not the dragon

As Bronn targeted towards the dragon we all were at the edge of our seats expecting him to miss. We love the dragons too much to let them go.


Tyrion’s care

Jamie and Tyrion always had their brotherly bond intact despite the circumstances. Seeing Tyrion getting worried about Jamie and his care reflected in his eyes, we couldn’t stop but have a lot of feels about the scene.


Don’t be stupid

Jamie, you are not the evil guy! Please do not be stupid and move. This is almost all of us were muttering under breath.


NOOO! Thank God

Whoever it is but Jamie is saved. Tyrion is right! He is an idiot.


The mystery

Who saved Jemie? That is an answer for which we would have to wait.


What thoughts did you have during watching this amazing episode? Let us know in the comments below!



The Thoughts We Had While Watching The Latest Episode 4 Of GOT Season 7

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