6 Legal Things In USA That Will Make You Say WTF Out Loud



There are many things in our life that we come across are considered illegal in the eyes of law. As good citizens, we try to avoid those paths and stay clear of the way. However, there are those things which we do not do as we think they are illegal but a little research revealed that they are not. Want to know about such items? Read on.

Marrying A Cousin

You did read it right and no it is not some distant cousin. We are talking about two people who decided to marry when they have common grandparents. If you are cringing now then don’t as this is a perfectly legal step in 11 states of U.S. The trick to get married to your cousin is just obtaining a marriage license. Though traditionally and scientifically many countries shun this practice but it is legal in America.


Owning a Tank

Do you have $40,000 on you? Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and buy a tank. Don’t be surprised it is perfectly legal to be proud owner of a tank in many of the US states. However, for driving it around you need to get a permit, which surely can be arranged. There are also websites that offers you easy buy option. So, be cool and get a tank.


Taking Photos up Women’s Skirts

We know the five words of the title did make you cringe while saying WTF. We really hate to break this news but it is not actually an illegal act in the United States of America. The law says that it isn’t illegal if the picture is taken away from a public place but the entire notion is wrong on so many levels. So, if you find anyone taking a picture you can slap them but can’t carry out a legal step against that person.

up skirts

Public Nudity

It is not only America but many countries around the world that doesn’t have a problem with the issue of public nudity. There are also laws that states which places are ‘suitable’ for being nude in a public place. Also, there are nude beaches all around the world. However, thinking that nudity means erotic is entirely wrong notion. The nude beaches are just for people to take fun and not engage in anything offensive.


Missile Firing

Keep the debate about gun law aside for a moment. Do you know that it is actually not illegal to fire a missile in some state of the U.S. You just need to obtain permission to go ahead and fire your own missile.

Missile Firing


If you are hungry and crave for human flesh, then you can just grab the person next to you and take a bite off. Why? Well, this is because Cannibalism is not considered illegal in the United States of America. However, it is only legal if the flesh is eaten while the person is alive. If you kill the person to eat her or his flesh then that is illegal, as that will be counted as a murder.



6 Legal Things In USA That Will Make You Say WTF Out Loud

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