Is There Really A Way To Behave After A Break Up?


We have all been at the end of the rope. We all have either ruined things, or have had some other person end things for us. It is actually, one of those touching spaces where no one ever wants to be. It is very embarrassing. But do you know what’s even more gauche? It is when we knock back into your ex just after we have called it quit.


As we all say, it is not the breakup itself but is the uneasiness which haunts us like hell.  Yes, we are talking about the time post the breakup. It is when we understand that the person whom we loved like hell is now a stranger to you. Sometimes we feel as if we have dated a completely different person.


Of course, we all come over the situation at some point of time. It’s the time stuck between the actual falling apart and getting over it. How do we manage to be the same person we were prior meeting that girl, or guy? They ruled nearly every decision in our life ever since they were a part of our life—be it the colours we pick to be dressed in to the time we had together and then unfortunately we had to part ways. Most of us, at this will take the elevated road, hold our chin up and try to be strong.


We try to get over our past and swear not to get into anything serious like this ever again but somewhere we secretly hope that someone save us from ourselves. That someone will eventually search us, stay with us and ensure that they are not like the other people and really prove that. But eventually, we end up with the same story. Why? Not because we in no way really cared for our ex; but because we cared excessively and now we don’t know how to go back to being carefree. We get drunk each day, then text, or call our ex, telling them how much we miss them. We just end up creating a mess for yourself, of your state of affairs and each one around us. But who is at fault? Is it we or our ex?


Managing with emotional defeat is never painless. But, we have to do it anyhow. We cope by drinking. We cope by crying your eye out in the dark of the night. We smoke 20 cigarettes to 10 packs of them each day and say we are coping. There is no specified rule or law on how to behave with oneself, or with others after a breakup. The main thing is that you get over it when you try to. All other things are less important.



Is There Really A Way To Behave After A Break Up?

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