Insensitive Things That You Should Never Ever Say To Person Dealing With Infertility

Insensitive Things

Chances are you might know someone struggling hard with one of the resilient conditions i.e. infertility. One out of every eight women experiences difficulty in conceiving and yet, as a society, we are still woefully unaware of things to not say to someone who is going through this painful condition.

Though as good as your intentions might be to provide the emotional support, there are still a few things that may sound insensitive to the person dealing with infertility. Hope you’ll have a look and try avoiding hurting them.

You should relax

Telling someone who’s facing difficulty in conceiving to relax causes the reverse effect. If being relaxed would have helped a woman in getting pregnant, she would have become a mother a long time back. So, asking her to relax wouldn’t change things suddenly.

Relax Yourself

It will happen soon.

Oh, Yes! Will it happen? Are you sure enough to claim this? Well, if you are too sure about her pregnancy then you might even know when she will conceive? Errrh… If you are telling someone going through IVF treatment that they will be successful, you are actually hurting them because they know that IVF treatment is not a sure thing to become a parent.

Happen Soon

You can adopt or have one of my kids

Like seriously? Is infertility a joke? She doesn’t want to adopt or have your kids as she wants her own biological kid. No matter how positive your intentions might be, saying this would never be a good idea.

What a shame, you are a woman still unable to get pregnant

So, all those mad commenter who can pass such hateful comments to a woman, you should know that getting pregnant is not in a woman’s hands. Being a parent is totally God’s agenda. So stop blaming!

Woman Get Pregnant

Do this and that

Have you tried eating pineapple, drinking cough syrup or consuming any herbs or medicines? Those who suggest this shall know that a woman might have already heard and tried them all, in fact, everything. So, that’s not an option to calm her.

What's Wrong

Whose fault?

See, infertility can be caused by the barriers faced by both female and male partners in a relationship and unless we are not among one of those partners, we have no right in knowing whose fault is it in struggling with the infertility issue. So, if a friend is sharing their problems with you, it doesn’t mean that they will describe every minute personal detail to you.

Whose Fault

Many women dealing with infertility have to undergo several problems. They don’t face physical trauma but emotional, mental and social as well. There are many cultures in which infertility is still seen as a taboo and women are discriminated on that basis. But this should be put to an end.

Everyone has their own life problems and no one can ever experience the pain of a woman who is unable to fulfil her desire of having a baby.

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Insensitive Things That You Should Never Ever Say To Person Dealing With Infertility

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