Change The Game Of Inequality By Raising A Feminist Son


Feminism, contrary to what many think, this is not a movement that is exclusive to the female population. Rather than seeing it as a gender based movement, it should be seen as a path that is trying to bridge the gaps between all the genders to reach the neutral point of equality. In other words, it is such a movement that is much needed in the present world. However, one of the biggest fallacies is that we often teach our daughters to follow the path but forget to include the same teaching for our boys. If you really want to see the world take a walk towards equality, then teaching your boy is also an important part.

How? This is the question we are trying to answer in this piece today. If you have any suggestions do let us know in the comments below.

Boys do cry

Crying is the sign that actually aware others of our existence, so why should boys have a bar on practicing something so natural? The social conditioning dictates that boys who cry are weak. However, that is far from the reality.  When they show their vulnerability then are at a better position to control the aspect of anger which is also related to violence too.

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Role models

Role models, it is such an aspect that actually helps the boys to walk in a certain path. There is evidence that shows when boys have a proper role model then they respond well to the distinctive situation and responsibilities of life. In this regard, you need to understand that the role model can be anyone and from any field of his life.


Encourage for individuality

Try buying a toy for a kid and you will be clearly segregated in two divisions of boys and girls. While color pink dominates the girl section, it is blue for the boys. There is also a great disparity in the aspect of the kind of toys that are selected for both the gender. The first thing you need to do is STOP. Do not criticize him for not playing with ‘boys’ toy or playing with ‘girl’ toy.  Give him the chance to find his own way while guiding.


Taking care

This is a very important aspect that you need to teach to your young one. The first part is taking care of himself. This includes not only the hygienic part but also the emotional aspect. Other than that you also need to teach him that he should be able to take care of others teaching this from a young age will build up the traits of compassion in him and also he will be better at handling himself at all stages of life.


Sharing is caring

This may be a clichéd statement but there is no denying the fact that it is absolutely true. When you make him learn that he needs to share then he will understand the value of the same. It will help you in raising a human with strong moral value.

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Encourage friendship with opposite gender

Though it may take time for you to teach him about the existence of different types of gender but start with the fact that he should forge a friendship with girls is a good start. Teach him to see the girls as a human being first rather than considering her gender. This will solve many issues that the guys raised in Orthodox settings face.


Teach the meaning of NO

Respecting the aspect of consent is another important aspect that you certainly need to teach your young one. This is important both for him and the person he is going to be involved with in future.


Girl is not an insult

‘You run like a girl!’ or similar kinds of comments are something that you religiously need to avoid. Why? It makes them feel that being a girl is weaker and that changes their entire perception. If you do not want to happen then never use a girl as an insult. Also, do not slut-shame any woman or girl in front of him.

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Let him read and understand why there is a need for feminism in the present world. Give him the freedom to form his own opinion and ideas. Make sure to attend to the question.




Change The Game Of Inequality By Raising A Feminist Son

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