Husband Forces Wife To Sleep With Her Brother And She Ends Up Killing The Husband


On 19th March 2017 a Police Station in Delhi received a call from a lady stating that her husband has committed suicide. However, then the statement changed to the fact that he was murdered. She told the police that she was sleeping in the other room and her husband was partying with two of the guests. When she woke up, her room was locked. However, she managed to escape and go to the room of her husband where he was lying on the bed dead. There was no trace of the men who were with the husband.

women violence
Upon further investigation and with the help of CCTV footage the Police identified a limping man who was going out of the woman’s house about around 3 AM. He was wearing the clothes of the deceased. It later turned up that he was the woman’s brother. Upon suspicion, the police interrogated further to find that there was inconsistency between the story of the woman and her brother.
It was later revealed that this duo killed the husband to whom she was married for 18 years. Now the question comes why? Then you have to know the back story.


They revealed that in his desire to have a male child the husband mentally, physically, and emotionally tortured the wife. He also made her go for abortions whenever the fetus was that of the female. Even their first child, a four years old girl died due to undernourishment. His desperation to get a son worsens his torture methods.
Her brother was indebted to her husband and each night he will make these two to become intimate under his supervision for a male child.

Ultimately the duo lost their patience and engaged in killing the husband. It certainly seems like a story out of the screen of Bollywood but it is a harsh and sad reality that the society shows us. Makes you think that if the murder was indeed a right action? What do you think?




Husband Forces Wife To Sleep With Her Brother And She Ends Up Killing The Husband

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