6 Dishes That Even The Laziest Chef Will Love To Make

Chili Tofu Brown Rice

Are you lazy? So are we! Understanding your pain, we have created the list of six recipes that can prove to be your lifesaver. Be it a girl or a guy, these recipes are the one that will fit perfectly to your lazy regime. Excited to know the recipes?

On completely another note, maximizing your nap time by following easy recipes isn’t cheating.

Easy oven bake dessert

Be a champ at baking a delicious dessert in a mug while being absolutely lazy. Put while chocolate in the cup as the base and then some crushed Oreos. Then bake for few minutes until you get the right crisp. Serve with chocolate sauce.

oven bake dessert

Lazy rotisserie chicken

You need chicken broth, veggies and noodles to make this deliciously dish. You can actually boil the veggies in the chicken broth before adding the noodles.american rotisserie chicken

Crisp apple

Cook up some apple by boiling them and then serve them by putting granola above it. Yummy!

Oat Apple Crisp

Brown rice bowl

Boil some brown rice and pick your lazy ass to mix edamame, avocado, and maybe some shredded chicken. The perfect healthy and yummy recipe for teasing your taste buds.

Chili Tofu Brown Rice

Chicken pot on beard

Dump chicken, and veggies in the slow cooker with pinch of salt. Serve on toast after mixing pepper and white salt. The toast will serve as the crust which is too much effort to make.

Chicken pot on beard

Overnight oats

There are many who are not very fond of oats mainly because you have to put effort to prepare it. However, in this tasty dish, you mix oats with milk or yogurt and keep it in the fridge for overnight. Nothing is better than waking up to a day when a tasty breakfast is waiting for you.

overnights oats

Let us know the one you tried!



6 Dishes That Even The Laziest Chef Will Love To Make

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