Annoying Questions We Ask Our Parents That Makes As Basically ‘Nikamma’


Life is very easy with the developing technologies that we know by heart. We are a generation who are smart and successful. However, most of us fall flat on the face when it comes to the aspect of managing a home or simply doing chores as an adult.

Right from cooking rice to opening a bank account, it is our parents whom we call for help. Annoyed and irritated, they however never refuse to help us out. Here we have few questions that Indian kids ask their parents. Have you asked any recently?

How much rice and rajma to put in Rajma-Chawl?

Umm… well… doubting her upbringing mentally she will be forced to inform you they are separate dishes.

rajma chawal

How does masoor ka daal look?

Though you can easily google it, but still there is certain fun in asking it to your mom who finally goes on explaining the color and size of the pulses. Not to forget, this is not the first time you are asking.


How much time does it take to boil an egg?

She will open up the chart list for you to make sure you end up getting a boiled egg but mostly it turns out as a sad dream of an undercooked egg. Don’t deny that it had never happened to you.


Where should I keep what?

Right from potato to bread, we are a bunch of very bad home managers who need to call up our mom or dad for every little thing concerning home management.


Papa, how to open an account or write cancel a cheque or….?

Whenever it comes to ask the bank related things, even the simple ones we find ourselves on the phone with our mom or dad. Shows our incredible skill level! Don’t get happy, it is sarcastic.


What to eat when I have diarrhea?

Nothing and drink ORS would be the answer. However, we are sure that at the back of their mind they must be thinking do you know anything about adult-ing?


Well, the questions Indian kids ask their parents are endless. What are the kinds of questions you bother them with? Let us know in the comments below.



Annoying Questions We Ask Our Parents That Makes As Basically ‘Nikamma’

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