If You Consider Loneliness As Old Wives’ Tales That You Should Think Once Again


There’s a very thin difference between solitude and loneliness. Some people enjoy being alone and love the time they spend with themselves and for some, being lonely is a negative feeling. This is why loneliness is somewhat still misinterpreted by few people in the society.

So, here we have come up with those fallacies that you and everyone need to stop believing about loneliness.

Loneliness is not aloneness

Spending too much of alone time can lead to loneliness. Well, on one hand, it is good to spend time with yourself, on the other being alone for a long time can lead to loneliness, a feeling of being emotionally disconnected with all the people around. But this is also not the case in every situation as some intelligent people love being in the state of loneliness for the matter to be happy.


Younger adults are equally lonely than older adults

Some of you might think that the older adults or widows tend to be the loneliest people of all but according to researchers, younger adults aging between 15 and 24 are reported to be lonelier than aged people.


Loneliness affects an individual emotionally, physically and mentally

Who said loneliness only affects us mentally? Although it is a state of mind, it even affects the physical body. Loneliness affects the person’s health and makes things complex respectively.


Loneliness is not affected by the use of technology

As per people’s perception, it is said that the use of social media has forced people in feeling isolated and lonely but that’s just half true. It is not the use of technology that has triggered loneliness but the association of people who already are depressed or in an isolated place.

Man using a tablet computer while his girlfriend is getting mad at him

Loneliness is a major issue

Those who carry a myth about loneliness and see it as a small issue must change their viewpoints regarding it. It is no small problem than a health issue. Loneliness is likely to increase the risks of premature death in the people who experience it intensely.


Do not ignore loneliness considering it a small problem. The moral and medical support both are required to be taken care of.




If You Consider Loneliness As Old Wives’ Tales That You Should Think Once Again

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