Tips To End Long Term Relationship That Minimize The Heartbreaking Pain


Be it your day, your night, the yummy apple pie you’re taking a dig into at this moment, relationships, life everything has a shelf life. The genuine question is, how should it all end? Should it all end with a bash or gradually, while you appreciate all the good memories of the experience; or in the most awful way? The choice is always yours. If you want to stop things quicker, there is always an aspect of guilt and ‘what ifs ‘that environs you.

So if you feel that your relationship is approaching an end, you must keep these things in mind, to make the other one believes that the relationship, good or bad, was worth it in the end. So here are – some Tips To End Long Term Relationship That Minimize The Heartbreaking Pain

Don’t Jump On To The Blame Game Wagon


This is the primary and leading rule of a friendly break up. Holding each other responsible for the things gone wrong should be last on list except that you want a lifetime of bad blood with the person. So take full responsibility, i.e. you must be able to respond to all questions from an empowered place of choice.

Be Frank But Calm


As you are the flag holder of the terrible news for the other person, it depends upon you how sensitively you say to them the truth. Certainly, you have to let them know the honest things you think like- the things are not working out’ or ‘I can’t hold it any longer. The way you put your words crosswise makes a difference.

Recognize Your Own Feelings And Deal With Them


‘Boys don’t cry’, ‘no pain, no gain’ are the terms said out loud to quash the real feelings. If you are the one quitting, admit how and what you suffer and let it go. Keeping it back in is not just poisonous but stagnating. It is obvious that the person concluding does not having a sunny day but when you sincerely discuss your feelings with your partner, it brings a sense of care and reduces the blame and hatred that your partner has for you.

Honour The Other Person


Regardless of what went down between you and your partner, always regard them. Whatever possibly took place between you both was incidental or intended. If you honour yourself enough, your partner feels respected by you as well. So, do not forget to honour the three things – yourself, your partner and your relationship.

Give Yourself Time To Heal


Hindrances will come your way. You will feel for a companion but you cannot approach that person with whom you have called it to quit. Possibly it is your responsibility to give the other person as much seclusion as they want. At times moving on or giving up on a long-term relationship can wound your own being. So, take sufficient time to come out of the clash you just had and heal yourself. Speak to the people, spend time with family, concentrate on your work and let go of the lot slowly, to start again.

Break-ups are tough but they can be simplified if you keep in mind the right ethics, the maturity to hold the problem and loving yourself.



Tips To End Long Term Relationship That Minimize The Heartbreaking Pain

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