3 Craziest Restaurants Breaking All the Stereotypes of the Culinary World


Are you one of those who get excited with unique, weird and crazy stuff? If Yes, then, let us get introduced to the most out-of-the-ordinary dining experiences that will blow your mind for sure. Here are some crazy restaurants that have deconstructed the meaning of fine dining restaurants in the culinary world.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

This is a wonderful restaurant located in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. It is only open for lunch, this buffet style restaurant can take you a little closer to nature. Although the falls are not from a natural waterfall (it falls from the Labassin Dam), it’s still a breathtaking view. Visiting this place is worth the effort and wait!

Ice Restaurant, United Arab Emirates

Ice Restaurant

It is a bone-chilling restaurant completely crafted of ice. Everything is made up of ice! From the tables to the bar, each and everything is below freezing — so don’t forget your warm and cozy coat!

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Have you ever thought of dining in a restaurant based on the toilet theme? No, wait; this place can change your answer for sure. This is one of the weirdest restaurants with toilet theme making people go WOW and UHH at the same time.

Devil Island Prison Restaurant, China

Devil Island Prison Restaurant,

It a restaurant surrounded by rusting prison bars offering you a unique and a little scary taste of jail time. The whole idea behind the restaurant is to scare the people away from a life of crime by offering them what jail is like.

D.S. Music Restaurant, Taiwan

D.S. Music Restaurant

Now, this is not a usual name for a restaurant. D.S. Music is actually a hospital themed restaurant. Shocked? Yes, it is a place that everyone would like to visit for sure to experience something really different and exciting. From getting wheeled to the table in wheelchairs to drinking from an IV, guests love everything and enjoy it. Sounds crazy! Isn’t it?

One thing for sure these restaurants are like most amazing and interesting places for all gourmands who love to go beyond the traditional and formal dining concept. All these places are a must-visit for all crazy food lovers. Hit them now!



3 Craziest Restaurants Breaking All the Stereotypes of the Culinary World

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