You Have Been Probably Missing This Eight-Lettered Word In Your Life And Your Shouldn’t

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From last few days I am feeling like I am surviving but not living, running, working and so busy doing my regular work that I have actually forgotten that what’s making me happy or am I actually contented in my life. Seems like nowadays happiness has become dependent on a perfect job and many other materialistic things, yet this is what our society has forced us to believe.

But now I have decided to find that missing word in my life. And that word is – PLEASURE. Yes! We have been missing Happiness in our lives. It’s time to find out that gratification back again in life. Follow these ways and have the word pleasure in your life and live up your life to the fullest.

A triggering agent

Be it your favourite coffee, salad or any frozen desserts, don’t just have it for the sake of feeding your mouth, have it because you want to enjoy it. Consume those things so that they can trigger your presence, can make you feel happy and enjoy the very darn thing.

Reminders to wake you up

An alarm to remind you that you have to find pleasure in whatsoever you are doing. For an instance if you are out in rains, just walking and crossing the other people and you find an alarm pops up reminding that you have to feel the pleasure in your present situation Here, in this case, alarm would remind you to have a deep breath, feel the rain drops and the beautiful atmosphere which turns up after a happy rainfall.

Even walking in rain can give you pleasure, only you need to find it.

Feel everything around you

Tune into your senses and feel everything around you- everything that you created, you always wanted or you always wished for. Like – When was the last time you felt delighted wearing your favourite cute pajamas, for which you stood a long in a queue to purchase? Or have you lately tried feeling the softness of scarf that always manages to complete your look? Apparently, NO. This is what we have been missing on in our lives. We should feel the glee and satisfied for everything we have got around us.


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Pleasure – A simple word that can transform a mundane life into a colourful one. So, next time whatever you do, do not forget the word ‘Pleasure, Pleasure, Pleasure’…


Also, let me know guys that how can you experience more pleasure in your lives.



You Have Been Probably Missing This Eight-Lettered Word In Your Life And Your Shouldn’t

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