Why An Octopus Is Better Than Your Boyfriend?


Octopuses are awesome! Yes, there we have said it. Residing deep down the vast sea, these creatures are those who can pose serious competition to your boyfriend. You think we are kidding? We KID YOU NOT. Here are the reasons why you should choose an octopus as your next boyfriend.

Unbound smartness

Well, scientifically proven that these creatures of the sea are very intelligent. Now, if you are someone who is rooting for a sapiosexual relationship then this is your perfect chance.


Masters of disguise

Every day your darling dear will come up with an absolutely amazing new getup. Not only will it keep you entertained but you will be able to show off your perfect partner in a new avatar. Moreover, with a trick or two from him, you can easily sneak out at night!


Sneaky bastards

Well, they are not actually bastards but I wrote it as it makes the subtitle look better. On a serious note, it is well-capable of protecting itself and will certainly save his damsel in distress.


They keep to themselves

They are not anti-social but do not like people much. What is the advantage? You don’t have to meet his friends and also he won’t poke his nose… err… tentacles in your social life.


Just cuddle

With 8 hands, they are big time cuddle lovers. Well, cuddle away on a soft cushion base all you want.




Why An Octopus Is Better Than Your Boyfriend?

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