Terrifying Yet Fascinating Facts You Secretly Want To Know


This world is a strange place and the only constant aspect is that of change. Every day something we know is slowly turning away. Here are some of the facts that you may or may not know which will certainly keep you baffled. Ready to explore?

Rattlesnakes are learning to hide their sound

One of the scariest questions of all time is – what is scarier than a rattlesnake? And the answer is a rattlesnake that doesn’t rattle. Some rattle snakes had a mutation where their rattle didn’t work right and that made them live longer and reproduce more. If this continues rattle snake will evolve to no longer rattle at all.


There are more slaves right now than ever recorded

Many people believe that slavery is on the down slope because most countries have outlawed it but some estimates still suggest that there are about 27 million people in some form of slavery today. This is the largest amount in recorded history. People will end up working as slaves under debts or for other most subtle reasons it is still slavery. In some countries, child labor is incredibly common even today and they get paid next to nothing.


Doomsday clock has been getting closer to midnight

For many years the Atomic Scientists have been keeping an eye on something they call the “doomsday clock.” It’s a measurement they use for how close the world is to possible nuclear war and/or annihilation. Right now the clock is only two and a half minutes from midnight- midnight essentially being the end of the world. And the worst part is it’s steadily getting closer for some time now.


Mercury levels in tuna are highly dangerous

Tuna is one of the largest fish, so it eats a lot of small fishes and ends up with very high mercury levels. This is the type of mercury that takes the longest to leave your body. Some have reported that eating tuna while pregnant and then having a child with birth defects and other issues including mental retardation. The Sad truth is many people are simply unaware of just how harmful tuna can be for them.


Going to space can be a bad idea for some

Many people find the idea of space travel extremely romantic or cool but it’s pretty awful. Space can quickly eat away your physical and mental health. That’s why NASA always demands people who are absolutely fit. Many astronauts, due to unique effects on their bodies, come back with permanently decreased eyesight and sleep deprivation problem. It is because the mental and physical stress is very difficult to handle.


“Kessler syndrome” in our satellite structure is becoming prominent

Kessler Syndrome was proposed by the NASA scientist Donald Kessler decades ago that if we continued to blanket the space around the earth with satellites, we could eventually end up with collisions that could lead to satellites crashing more and more frequently until we lost all GPS. We are already starting to see the effects of this, although it’s not close to extremely dangerous level yet.





Terrifying Yet Fascinating Facts You Secretly Want To Know

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