Ridiculously Expensive Toys That Only The Super Riche Can Afford

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Toys! Beaten, broken, and thrown. For most, this is the ultimate fate that their toys meet. However, when you hear the price of these toys then you will wish that if you had them you will value them more than your life. Why? It is because these toys are super costly. So, without further delay let’s take a look at the weirdly expensive toys that only the super rich can afford.

Rocking horse

How much can this piece of toy cost? Guess? Well, $600,000! Are you over the initial shock? Then let us tell you, this was a birthday gift for Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyonce and Jay z. Oh, yes and it is made of solid gold. Made by a Japanese designer, the first one was made for Prince of the same nation.


Madame Alexander Eloise

How much will you spend for a doll? Think few times over your maximum price and then maybe you can match the price of this doll. This doll is priced at $5 million because the dress and accessories are made by world famous designers. Other than that the dolls are also covered in Swarovski crystals and diamonds. You have five options to choose from.


G.I. Joe

Probably we all had one of this action figure toy. In 2003, one such action figure was sold for $200,000 at an auction. Are you speechless? So are we!



Well, a costly Barbie is hardly something that will surprise you. However, wait till you hear the price for which it was sold. $302,500! Yes, you have read it right. This was the amount at which this Barbie was sold. The price went up not only because of the doll but also due to its tiny diamond necklace. However, it was done for a right cause at the money went to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



This toy is on the list because of a custom made set that was created entirely out of gold. Even the fake money was a real gold sheet. And the price is $2 million. Feeling poor yet? We certainly are!




Ridiculously Expensive Toys That Only The Super Riche Can Afford

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