Want To Get High Legally? Pack Your Bags For These Countries


Smoking up is a dream for many but sadly in most of the countries it is something that is absolutely illegal. Does that break your heart? Well, cheer up! Here are some of the countries where you can smoke up without the risk of getting arrested. Interested? Read on!


At some parts of India, Cannabis is considered as a gift from the Hindu god Shiva. Hence, it is not illegal to smoke weed. Also, Bhang is a part of the religious and cultural ritual for many parts.

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The United States

Eight states out of 50, where the legalization of recreational marijuana stands in the good ol’ USA. This has come to pass because voters get a say on these issues and have plumped to put the pot on a level with alcohol.



While pot is very illegal, it is decriminalized in three areas of Australia: South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory. In South Australia being caught with 100 grams of pot is considered to be a non-criminal offense.

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The Netherlands

Getting high is de facto legal for the Dutch in the whole country and legal for tourists in Amsterdam. Amsterdam receives over 1.5 million cannabis tourists every year.

The Netherlands

The Czech Republic

Marijuana is still illegal in the Czech Republic with only small amounts for personal use being decriminalized but the small amount is not specified. Hence, getting high is a routine that many barmen in Prague will happily sell you some chronic along with your beer.



Weed may be illegal in Germany, but consumption of it is not because Germany considers smoking cannabis to be an act of monumental self-harm and since German law doesn’t legislate against acts of self-harm, that means smoking is no more illegal.


South Africa

In 2017 the Western Cape High Court ruled that making marijuana illegal was unconstitutional and their ruling effectively legalized cannabis for personal use within the home.



Smoking in private and selling cannabis seeds are all legal in every single region of Spain. Many of the regions have Cannabis Clubs, where people can smoke marijuana and get supply easily.



Uruguay is the only country in Earth where pot is completely legal. The state has itself started growing and selling its own varieties of weed. This is the heaven for all the stoners.



This country completely decriminalized buying, growing, and smoking marijuana. People can carry 22 grams of pot or own 20 plants without any hassle for personal use.

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Want To Get High Legally? Pack Your Bags For These Countries

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