5 Traditional But Unusual Ice Cream Flavours That Will Baffle You

Ice Cream Flavors

When it comes to food we can often see that one food that is traditional in one country is bizarre in another. Like the American classics like peanut butter and root beer are considered odd and even disgusting outside the US. But ice- cream is something that is well enjoyed worldwide. There are top 5 flavors of ice-cream that are decidedly not strange in their countries of origin but you’ve probably never heard of them.


Ube is basically a root vegetable that is vibrant purple in color and sweet in. This is used as an ingredient for both color and flavor in the Philippines. It is used in a traditional Filipino frozen treat halo-halo. Halo-halo is the mixture of shaved ice-cream, evaporated milk and a rainbow of toppings. It’s not only tasty but eye-catching and ‘Instagrammable.’ Its flavor is described as an earthy white chocolate.

Ube Ice Cream


Tamarind brings its sweet and sour flavors to the dishes. It is a well-known ingredient in US households that is used in sauces. Interestingly, now it has also claimed a place in the world of ice-creams.

Tamarind ice cream

Black Sesame

In Japan, black sesame seeds are ground and combined with honey to make a paste called Nori Goma. It gives a dark black color to the dish with a hint of nutty creamy flavor. Thus, used widely in ice creams in different parts of Asia.

Black Sesame Ice Cream

Brown Bread

Irish Brown Bread also is known as a quick bread, is risen with a combination of baking soda and butter milk. You will certainly be surprised to hear that in the USA you can get brown bread flavored ice-cream.

Brown Bread Ice Cream


Salmonberry is the most interesting thing about the Alaskan frozen treat Akutaq. It is generally made by whipping animal fats of caribou, bear or musk ox, with sea mammal oil from seals or whales, and snow or water until the mixture reaches a silky, fluffy texture. People often call this the Eskimo ice cream. The sweet addition to this is salmonberries. Salmonberries are usually eaten with Salmon as they have a watery and mushy taste.

Salmonberry Ice Cream
Akutaq or agutak — also known as Eskimo ice cream — is a favorite dessert in western Alaska. It’s made with berries and frothed with fat, like Crisco.



5 Traditional But Unusual Ice Cream Flavours That Will Baffle You

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