Unbelievable Dumb Ways In Which People Have Kept Their Appointment With Death


Death is never funny but there are ways that often make them a material of hilarity. While you are getting bored at the office and trying to show how dedicated you are at work, we are picking up the topics that can make you life. Actually, I too am trying to show I am busy but don’t tell that to my editor!

Now, without much delay, let’s take you back to the topic to show the hilarious ways in which people have taken their last breath.

Died at own funeral

This happened to a woman in Russia. When she woke up on a funeral she came to know it was her own and died of heart attack. In reality, the doctors made a wrong judgment and she was pronounced dead.


Saying goodbye with wine

Though meeting your fate with a glass of wine doesn’t sound so bad, but the Duke of Clarence was not so lucky. In 1478 he was executed by drowning in a barrel of wine.


Ate to death

Again a story from the pages of history, the king of Sweden Adolf Fredrik literally ate himself to death. He died after he had 14 servings of Semla.


Cause is carrot

This man drank 10 gallons of carrot juice in 10 days and died of liver damage. The lesson is to never show your love for a carrot to the extreme unless you are a rabbit.


The smell of death

Or shall we say death by smell? Though unfortunate, it is weird that someone died from deodorant fumes. This 16-year-old British guy was over exposed to the fumes.


The lure of virtual world

It is an unusual way to die and also a lesson to many. This man quit his job to play online games seriously. He played for straight 50 hours with extremely short breaks. It leads to dehydration and lack of sleep that caused his death.


Death by imitation

Standing on the 9th deck this woman decided to recreate the famous scene in Titanic and met the inevitable. Without a Jake to hold her, or forgetting the fact that the shooting was done in a pool, she feels into the sea and died.


Dumb way to die

We really don’t know how to put a title on this incident! The death occurred when someone tried to stick a whale bone through their urinary tract in order to clear a blockage.


The truthful lawyer

This lawyer was demonstrating that how it is possible for the victim to accidentally shot himself and his client is innocent. Guess what happened? He shot himself accidentally and died.


The death of a hoarder

Giant stacks of newspapers and books occupied the majority of the space in this person’s house. It is not a great surprise when the stacks revolted and he was crushed under it.


Laughing death

No, we are not joking! Someone actually died while they were watching a serial and was unable to stop laughing.




Unbelievable Dumb Ways In Which People Have Kept Their Appointment With Death

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