Pakistan Skipper Sarfraz Sings “Mauka Mauka” after winning Champions Trophy finals against India


Pakistan had recently won the Champions Trophy by beating India in the finals; though, the Pakistan team didn’t have a good start in the tournament. After they lost the league match against India by a big margin, no one even thought that the Team would make it to the Finals. They never walked out when they lost against India, but managed to resurge and win the cup.

Britain Cricket Champ

In Finals, both clashed, but Pakistan swept the Indians by 180 runs. Since then, the Pakistani players and their fans are on their cloud nine. Pakistani Skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed was seen celebrating their victory with his fans singing the popular song “Mauka Mauka”.


This song “Mauka Mauka” had been the one used by Indian fans in advertisements to support and celebrate Indian players exclusively for World Cup. Pakistan had not been able to win against India in any of the World Cups matches. This pain still lingers in the hearts of Pakistani fans and also the Captain Sarfraz Ahmed. Over a period of time, this song became a mantra, whenever there was a clash between India and Pakistan.

The Reason For India’s Loss At Champions Trophy Finals Against Pakistan


Sarfraz sings this song to show their dominance and the irony behind the famous song.

Here is the video.



Pakistan Skipper Sarfraz Sings “Mauka Mauka” after winning Champions Trophy finals against India

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