Weird Reasons That Got These Cartoons Banned Across Different Countries


Do you love watching cartoons? Yes, we are talking about the adult version of you. Don’t worry, even as an adult, there is no harm if you are totally addicted to watching the different types of cartoons. We all enjoy the moments of escape and the best part is that there are many cartoons that are specially made for the adults. However, there is a big question in this picture. Do you have access to all the best cartoon? No? Do you know why? It is because here are some of the popular cartoons that are banned in different countries.

Winnie the Pooh

What could this adorable bear possibly do to get itself banned? Well, the content had nothing to do with it. It was banned in China because the internet users started comparing the cartoon character to then Chinese President Xi Jinping. The things went so far that it became the most censored image in 2015.


Peppa Pig

Though made strictly for kids, there are many adults who enjoy this adorable cartoon. One of its episodes got banned in Australia for a funny yet important reason. In the episode, it was shown that the main characters are befriending a spider. In reality, there are few Australian spiders that are deadly and the authorities do not want the children to think that the spiders are safe. A valid reason to ban!


The Loud House

This is a cartoon that is among one of the famous for its progressive portrayal of LGBTQ community. However, people from Kenya will never be able to see this one as it is banned. The administration said that the cartoon is glorifying homosexual behaviors and hence corrupting the children.



It is one of the most popular shows and most of us love seeing it. However, the reason for the ban in Myanmar was not due to the content or character. It was due to recurring red and yellow theme of the cartoon. That is the color theme used by the rebels at that point of time.


South Park

It would be surprising if this cartoon wasn’t in this link? Known as one of the most diversified offensive cartoons this is a show that is banned in many countries. Even some episodes are banned in the USA or heavily censored.


Family Guy

When it comes to being a controversial cartoon then this show is always at the top. Not only one country but it was banned in Russia, India, South Africa, South Korea, The Philippines, Venezuela, Taiwan, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Iran. Other than that, many episodes were banned all around the world including the USA. Why? Because it is full of sensitive topics that the government is too scared to air.



Weird Reasons That Got These Cartoons Banned Across Different Countries

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