5 Places In India Where You Cannot Visit If You Are An Indian


Traveling and discovering your native place has always been the foremost thing in our travel plans. While doing this, we frequently come across instances where misconceptions and illusions bubbled around. We hear numerous stories and experiences every day, based on which we make a supposition. One such story is what I am going to share […]

Things To Do If You Are Being Harassed Online

As online platform brings the world closer the dark side is also gaining it’s prominence. Yes, we are talking about online harassment which is one of the essential issues that we need to address. In this article, we will take a look at distinctive aspects of online harassment that will  help you in creating a […]

Bollywood Stars Who Wouldn’t Have Got a Break Had It Not Been the Nepotism

The most recent catchphrase in the Indian film industry is nepotism. The word Nepotism refers to the practice of getting the relatives and friends in one’s organizations to positions for which other people might be better eligible. You might be of the opinion that this term in any means must not have relation to Bollywood, […]

This TV Show Is So Daunting That People Can’t Even Watch Its First Episode


You might have heard the horrifying tales, stories that can fright the hell out of you. But have you come across any? Well, no one in life even thinks about experiencing things that can give you creepy dreams but we usually like watching it on our TV screens. Memorize when The Ring was released, there […]

Hilarious Whatsapp Chats Between Indian PM Modi And American President Donald Trump


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and American President Donald Trump were scheduled to meet on 26th June. It was one of the most expected meetings between the two world leaders that the entire world was looking forward to. With their 1st face to face official gathering, Narendra Modi came out tough with his first speech […]

Reasons Why ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ Should Be On Your Weekend Watch List

We eat daily, rest on a regular basis and even poop every day. There should not be any kind of hesitation in accepting the truth as it is a typical process of disposing waste from one’s body. Media and ads have helped to clearly made us aware of the importance of basic essentialities like sanitation […]

Tips To End Long Term Relationship That Minimize The Heartbreaking Pain


Be it your day, your night, the yummy apple pie you’re taking a dig into at this moment, relationships, life everything has a shelf life. The genuine question is, how should it all end? Should it all end with a bash or gradually, while you appreciate all the good memories of the experience; or in […]

Must Explore Places In The UK That Will Sooth The Soul Of Every Travel Lover


UK, the dream country for travelers welcomes people from all around the world for ages. It is one of the most preferred destinations especially for those who want the goodness of nature and comfort of modernity at the same place. Capturing memorable moments give takes our desire to travel to a height. So, here are […]

‘Saree Man Of India’ Is Breaking All The Rules With His Bold Move


A saree is the most adaptable piece of clothing that anybody can wear. It suits every body type. Saree is the only outfit that adds elegance to one’s personality. That is why most of the women have remained stuck to the lure of a saree. Its gentle drape has accepted many warm waists. “But why […]

Extremly Adventure Activities You Can Actually Try In Scotland


Bestowed with high peaks and mountains, captivating rivers, demanding terrains and other natural marvels, Scotland is counted among the epitome of scary activities in the world. Be it any part of the country, it has plenty of options that present the desired adrenaline kicks to the adventure junkies. Here are 8 chilling activities you can do […]

Is There Really A Way To Behave After A Break Up?


We have all been at the end of the rope. We all have either ruined things, or have had some other person end things for us. It is actually, one of those touching spaces where no one ever wants to be. It is very embarrassing. But do you know what’s even more gauche? It is […]

5 Great Fashion Secrets You Must Know If you are Not So Tall


We are either less gifted, stressed to grow beards or perhaps are just 5’6” or under in height. But the fact is that this has never bunged us from looking our best! We are dressed with the best in fashion, track the trends like a pro and sometimes, even try out because we can. So, […]