The Reason For Sankalp Parva On 15 August Will Induce The Feeling Of Patriotism In You


A simple determination can transform your life forever. For example, if you make your mind up to never respond to the disorder around you, your world will change.

Likewise, if you make a small resolution to make your nation an improved place to survive, your country will revolutionize. How? You will have to take a small oath, a Sankalp at one of the government’s websites. A pledge that will absolutely change India by 2022!   

Just go on reading the article on how you can transform your country.


The inspiration behind Sankalp Parva is to make the people involved in the practice of nation building. For this, the government of India has asked its people to take insight from Quit India Movement that began in 1942 and concluded in 1947 where the people forgot all the isolating barriers and became a part of the movement to evacuate the British Government.

The Indian government wants you to work on the same lines. To dig up the social evils those are hindering our nation’s growth. Really, a fascinating thought! So, why not take a pledge now and make India great by 2022.


For last 70 years, our country’s Independence Day celebrations have been a usual affair. The same words from the Red Fort and kids in the tri-colour dresses and. But this time, the government has put some zing by talking about the Quit India Movement and the pledge. The government has inspired Indians with new goals, reinvented their fervor to construct New India.

Something about the Quit India Movement


Also famous as August Kranti, this movement played a significant role in uniting a nation, which was separated in terms of languages, religions, castes and independent ruling states. ‘Do or Die’ was the inspiration we drew from the movement. 

Here’s a postal stamp on Quit India Movement


This movement was the final blow to the British Government and laid the foundation for India’s Independence.

A postal stamp on India’s Independence


Aren’t you feeling patriotic by now?

That’s How Newspapers Reported India’s Independence

The Times of India:


This is The Times of India edition of August 15, 1947. You can hardly read the content and get the photos, but the headline is pretty clear.

The Hindustan Times:


This is how the Hindustan Times reported. How India got freedom makes for one more story!

A Rare Photo of India’s First Independence Day Celebrations


We can see Lord Mountbatten saluting the Indian flag. His wife Lady Edwina is also there with Nehruji on the side.  

This is How People Rejoiced on the Streets

People assembled on the streets to observe the glorious moment.

So What’s Your Sankalp?

You can take Sankalp by visiting the website Let us collectively take a resolution for:

Dirt – Quit India; Poverty – Quit India; Corruption – Quit India; Terrorism – Quit India; Casteism – Quit India; Communalism – Quit India!

That’s how you can do your part. Get to the website and take a pledge today.

Sankalp Se Siddhithat’s the complete idea after the pledge. According to The Economic Times, during his Mann Ki Baat programme, the Prime Minister Modi said that as this is India’s 70th Independence Day and 75th Quit India Movement anniversary, it is correct time to transform the country once and perpetually. He requested to take a Sankalp in 2017 and get Siddhi in 2022.  


So, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Visit the website and take your sankalp.



The Reason For Sankalp Parva On 15 August Will Induce The Feeling Of Patriotism In You

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