A Girl Made PPT Presentation For Her Crush On Why He Should Date Her

We are all aware of the dating culture in the modern world. The online platforms have certainly given a boost to the world of dating where we search endlessly to meet the one with whom we can share emotional and physical moments. However, when there is so much of competition, how do you propose to stand out? Well, this girl found a hilariously creative way to share her emotions with her crush through twitter. She actually made a PPT telling the guy why it is a good idea to date her. Well, don’t think that the guy went all gaga over her because there is more than one twist in the story.

She made each slide with giving a logical explanation of why it is a good idea to start dating her. Don’t believe us? Have a look yourself.

The perfect serious girlfriend to take to the family dinner and make them stop nagging

With her changing hairstyles, she will be like dating multiple people. Indeed interesting

She is very particular with her bodily development especially that of her boobs and their growth. Certainly a point of interest for the prospective date

She don’t need anyone to buy her things, she can do that herself

She even came out with testimonials from the famous ones

Sadly! Her crush was impressed by her skill but not enough to date her. Also, asked her to stop contacting him. Your loss baby!

However, the story doesn’t end here. Guess what? Who came to praise her skills of making a Microsoft PPT presentation? Microsoft themselves!



A Girl Made PPT Presentation For Her Crush On Why He Should Date Her

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