This New DIY Heart Monitors Are Risking The Lives Of Unborn Babies

Motherhood is an unparalleled emotion. Every woman who goes through that spectrum of emotion can very well understand the joy of being connected to a new life. While we wonder that a mother shares the strongest bond only with her child, she proves it by trying every possible way to feel her unborn baby.

Well, the latest trend among young pregnant women points to DIY heart-rate monitors. The mums-to-be are making use of these monitors so as to listen to their unborn baby’s heartbeat. However, the monitors are creating troubles for the fetuses.

What are these monitors and why could they be harmful? Well, explore and know the answers described further.

Advancement in technology

The advanced medical technology has helped pregnant ladies to be very hands-on with their gestation periods.

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Various devices used by pregnant women

Nowadays, moms-to-be are using ultrasound techniques to discover their baby’s gender and several other techniques so as to interact with their fetuses.

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A new device called Dopplers

Dopplers or at-home fetal heart-rate monitors are the devices used by pregnant women to experience the pleasure of hearing the heart-rate of their babies even before they are born.


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But the Dopplers could be problematic. Why?

Well, the professional doctors, nurses, and midwives are trained in using Dopplers so to check the health of fetuses but the new moms who try using these monitors at home are untrained and perhaps, they could be falsely reassured while checking. Also, this could further put the mother under a lot of stress and could then affect baby’s health indirectly.

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Seek a professional advice only

Therefore, we would suggest all the would-be mothers, who feel concerned for their unborn toddlers, to contact medical professionals in order to ensure their baby’s health.

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This New DIY Heart Monitors Are Risking The Lives Of Unborn Babies

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