The Inspiring Story Of Colonel Sanders Who Founded KFC At 62 Years

Who loves KFC! Well, most of the hands will go up in the appreciation of the delicious food provided by this restaurant. As most of you know, Colonel Sanders was the one who started this amazing franchise of food. However, do you know that he was almost on verge of leaving his life at 62 years when he turned back to start something new. It certainly shows one thing, never to give up.

He started cooking at 7 years when his father died

He took up the job of industrial salesman to support his family

KFC Owner
In his early years, he used to sell tires to earn food

He tried starting his own business but everything failed


His wife left him

He was contemplating suicide when finally he received his true call, cooking

At the age of 62, he started selling fried chicken

After years later, KFC is one of the largest food chains in the world

Never give up!



The Inspiring Story Of Colonel Sanders Who Founded KFC At 62 Years

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