‘Saree Man Of India’ Is Breaking All The Rules With His Bold Move


A saree is the most adaptable piece of clothing that anybody can wear. It suits every body type. Saree is the only outfit that adds elegance to one’s personality. That is why most of the women have remained stuck to the lure of a saree. Its gentle drape has accepted many warm waists. “But why are these only for women to wear?” questions Himanshu Verma aka Saree Man who is also called with strange names like Genda Phool or a name who ends his emails as ‘Jai Sari’.

Can you actually reply to his good query except to persuasively say, that’s how it has at all times been?

This man is making efforts to get back the gender flexibility when it comes to attire. Let’s have a glance at how our Saree Man begs to differ.

He doesn’t take Saree as a Female Piece of Clothing


“I started wearing sarees as a gesture of re-appropriating the saree as a male garment and highlighting the historical traditions where it was all about the fluidity of the drape and not about the structure that was gender specific.” says the saree man. 

He has been Donning Sarees from last 12 Years


Like other boys who occasionally have fun with their mother’s sarees and stuff, Himanshu also played with them when he was a child and has been draping them for the last 12 years or so.

The Saree Festival


It is since the year 2014 that Himanshu has been holding The Saree Festival under his art curation ‘The Red Earth’ to rejoice the piece of clothing. The festival pays equal consideration to the conventional and modern version of sarees. 

Himanshu wears Attractive Sarees with Unique Drapes


When he began wearing sarees, he primarily wore the blingy and slinky ones. He also has an enormous curiosity to try the new drapes.  

Handloom Sarees are his Favourite


“When I started wearing sarees I used to wear what I call the chamiya sarees… the blingy ones, the slinky ones… but as I am growing older with more grey hair, I am wearing the softer ones, handloom ones,” he said.

Why aren’t Sarees Necessarily Feminine?


Himanshu thinks that saree is not feminine specific clothing. Also, in some parts of India, it is often measured a trial product to dhotis.

Himanshu’s Say on Criticism

He said that he was always defiant as a kid and this step towards diminishing the gap of gender equality is just an expansion of the same.

So, I will conclude this article by admiring Himanshu. Kudos to a true star. 



‘Saree Man Of India’ Is Breaking All The Rules With His Bold Move

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