5 Places In India Where You Cannot Visit If You Are An Indian


Traveling and discovering your native place has always been the foremost thing in our travel plans. While doing this, we frequently come across instances where misconceptions and illusions bubbled around. We hear numerous stories and experiences every day, based on which we make a supposition. One such story is what I am going to share with you guys.

A story about how the discussions go on about some places in India where Indians themselves are barred from entering. You might not know. These are not worth telling but we need to know what goes around us and the foolish reasons behind these. Here are few places you didn’t know about.

Broadlands Lodging House, Chennai


It is one of the Nawab’s 160-year-old house, the sign boards say Namaste. You can avail 24 hours service with lounging. The house beats only for ‘firangis’. Being a low lying lounge with reasonable facilities for the travelers, it is a quick tumble down place for the foreigners for a real Indian life vibe.

“We don’t restrict people, but we do choose our customers. We have created a backpacker’s heaven here, and all I’m trying to do is protect it.”

These are written by Krishna Rao, owner, and grandson of the founder.

Uno-In, Bangalore


This hotel is located in Bangalore and is known for the speculations regarding biased behavior towards its customers. Being a Japanese hotel, Indians were banned and were refused the bookings. But after a good 2 years of complaints, it was later closed down.

Foreigner-only beaches, Goa



Goa is paradise for every party lovers. As hospitable as it sounds, there are some places where YOU as INDIAN are not permissible. Some shop and cottage owners limit the entry of Indians saying that their foreign clientele is oblivious to their inapt and impolite behavior. 

Sakura Ryokan Restaurant, Ahmedabad


Another Japanese restaurant in the city also known as the ‘Manchester of India,’ is known for its greatest racially prejudiced policy of all times. In this restaurant, only Japanese citizens are allowed, Indians are not tolerable due to their indifferent behavior and eve teasing.

Beaches in Puducherry


Being a tourist spot, it obviously would fetch in situations like these. In one way or the other, the Indians are banned by a certain place, for a certain reason, on a certain land? Do you find it justified? Please let me know, if you are able to make it out.




5 Places In India Where You Cannot Visit If You Are An Indian

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