Facts About Bahubali 2 That Will Awe You

“Katappa ne bahubali ko kiun mara?” for past years we have seen numerous memes on this question and to tell the truth, we do want to know the truth too. The wait is over with Bahubali 2 or Bahubali conclusion releasing on 28th April. The most awaited film has already made people book their shows in advance. Here are few facts that you will love to know about this film
It took 30 crore to shoot the climax of the film which is double than the budget of climax of the first movie.


There are some breathtaking scenes that the viewers will experience just like the first part of the movie. Yes, that includes the war scenes too.

Bahubali 2 Filmmakers took all the possible step to make sure that none of the pictures leaks. However, last year some of the pre-climax photos were released that gave a treat to the fans.

Bahubali psoterGuess for how much Sony TV bought the right for Bahubali 2 (Hindi version)? 51 crore! This is the highest amount paid for a dubbed film.

Bahubali 2 There is a twist with the change of loyalty of Sivagami who always favored Bahubali over her own son. Will that change the whole game?

Bahubali 2 Even before its release this movie collected 500 crore via satellite and theatrical rights.



Facts About Bahubali 2 That Will Awe You

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