Vicks Stands Up For Transgender Community With This Strong Emotional Ad

Vicks Emotional AD

The new Vicks ad ‘Touch of Care’ is a beautifully woven story that deals with two of the most controversial aspects of our society, transgender community and adoption. It shows the story of Gauri Sawant who is an activist and transgender.  Fighting against all the adversities of life, she adopted orphaned Gayatri and is raising her as one of her own.

This is a story that induces strong emotions in viewers and makes you think. It makes you think that isn’t it the time we really should stop judging people on their sexuality? Isn’t it the time that we bring in some laws that help in the protection of the transgender community? Also, spread awareness to do away with the social stigma.

How Women Stands Up Against Eve Teasing And Ask The Question That We All Want To Ask!



Vicks Stands Up For Transgender Community With This Strong Emotional Ad

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