How to De-Stress your Employees & Boost the Productivity at Work


You can build up stress in any job, even if you feel affection for what you do. Deadlines, presentations, and what not! Office life is filled with likely stressors. Stress can have depressing consequences for employees from exhaustion and sleep disorder to the lack of enthusiasm and curiosity.Stress not only takes a personal toll on staff but also affects the business. The leaders can ignore workplace stress which talks about employee engagement and influences peoples’ capability to work efficiently.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, said – “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers. “And, obviously, this is the crucial truth. So, here are few changes you can bring about at your office place and treat your employees:

Foot Massage

Foot Massage

Nothing lowers your stress more than a radiant foot massage. You can set up a couple of foot massagers in the refreshment area of your office. Then you can see the pleasure it brings to the lives of your employees. Rejoice on days like ‘Pamper your People’ Day and add more stress breaker ways like bringing in massaging chairs or a digital gaming area etc. to the office.

Break-free Area

Break-free Area

A break-free area is one of the stirring factors for employees. It helps in increasing the efficiency more than any other thing. If the employees are contented and comfortable, their center of attention towards work increases and encourages productivity.

Standing Workstations


Sitting for long periods can destroy you! Set up standing workstations and persuade your equals to function from these areas for at least 20 minutes every day. This lowers the risks of obesity and colon cancer.

Appealing Decals

Appealing Decals

Colourful walls and hilarious wallpapers open up up the working atmosphere. It becomes a breather for the employees from their routine work.



Music is a great healer. It is taken as one of the best ways to unwind and de-stress your mind, body and soul. Music is considered to be an essential part of latest office efficiency. This also helps to keep away the staff from using headphones that often disrupts communication at the workplace though the level of volume needs to be acceptable to everyone.



How to De-Stress your Employees & Boost the Productivity at Work

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