Can It Be True? Delhi-Chandigarh In Two Hours By Train!


Recently in a news, the Indian Railways has announced its first semi-high speed project. All the train introduced under this project will have a speed of 200 km per hour.

The first train will start its journey between Delhi and Chandigarh. It is said that it will take just 2 hours for the train to cover the distance of 245 km.

railway station

However, Indian Railways is not alone in this project. They are launching it along with the French counterpart, SNCF. It will be the first semi-speed project that is taken on the national level for transportation.


In the entire area between the two cities, there are 10 major curves. The Railway authorities said that they will opt for decoration as they reach the curve. The initial plan was that of land acquisition to straighten the curves. However, as that was adding to the delay so they settled on making adjustments on the curve that belong to the present railway property.


The rough cost of the entire project is about over ₹10,000 crore. At present, the least time taken to cover the distance between Delhi to Chandigarh is about 4 hours. This new project will reduce it to two.

Delhi to Chandigarh train

Do you think it will soon start in other parts of the country too?



Can It Be True? Delhi-Chandigarh In Two Hours By Train!

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