Insane Lies About Sexual Encounter Situations As Told By Medical Professionals


Let’s start this article by extending a big thanks to those who are involved in the medical practice. They do amazing work in curing us and making our life better. However, this article is not about how they help us but stories they have collected over the years. These stories are told by doctors and nurses.

We all are asked if we are sexually active during our visit to doctor, these answer or situations will leave you in splits. They are hilarious and stupid at the same time.

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The teen mother

A teen girl came in with her mother and had severe abdominal pain. When asked if she was sexually active, she violently denied. However, when the result came out it tested positive for pregnancy and the girl’s mother was still denying the possibility. So, the doc retorted back saying ‘well if she claims she couldn’t be pregnant, she might have some kind of tumor or mass growing in her abdomen.’

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A bit too much

When this Army medic saw that the reason for one of the solder’s sick call is written as personal, he assumed that it is because of some STD disease or reproductive bits. When the guy came in the doctor straightway asked him that if he has any recent sex in unprotected manner as he has sore on his manhood. However, the guy claimed being a virgin and revealed that he indulges in self-pleasure for 8 times a day. He was sent back with a restriction that he could do the act only once a day.


It’s worth

One day a patient walked in with immense pain and walking difficulty. Initially, he denied any sexual encounters but then revealed the truth. He said that just a week before he had a rough encounter in which someone’s forearm was deep into him. Ouch! No doubt the nurses was a little sympathetic as his pubic symphysis was inflames and also there was a stress factor. The patient was however not as affected. He just said that the encounter was worth it.


Magic of Selina

When a ship pulled at the nearby port, there were 10 people who were waiting to meet the doc. The first too patients had the same symptoms and also the date of occurrence was exact match. It made the doc suspicious and he asked who they have spelt with for the last time. It turns out that they were in a brothel and both slept with the same girl. When they were narrating the story the third patient intervened saying ‘you too slept with Selina?’ Turns out 7 out of 10 patients got same problem due to Selina.

men covered with kisses

I have time and space

There was this young guy who took the question of ‘sexual history’ far too seriously. He started by circling the word and then proceeded to write down the details with the first line ‘It all started with Stacy.’ His encounters were pretty diverse and the description almost reached to the end in the backside of the form.

writing pen

The one with the cucumber

This is another story which will make you feel sorry for the guy but you will also laugh out loud. A husband looked beyond the loyalty of his home to get some extra fun. The sad part is that his wife was very quick to catch his side activity but didn’t make any issues out of it. He thought that he has cleaver dodged the issue but he wish he didn’t. His wife was related with medical profession and she used that path to take her sweet revenge. She must have sedated her husband and pushed a cucumber up his anus. The pain was caused by the fruit being there and rotting. Funnily scary!




Insane Lies About Sexual Encounter Situations As Told By Medical Professionals

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