Extremly Adventure Activities You Can Actually Try In Scotland


Bestowed with high peaks and mountains, captivating rivers, demanding terrains and other natural marvels, Scotland is counted among the epitome of scary activities in the world. Be it any part of the country, it has plenty of options that present the desired adrenaline kicks to the adventure junkies. Here are 8 chilling activities you can do in Scotland if you are an adventure lover:

River bugging in Aberfeldy


River bugging basically requires falling over a series of waterfalls in an inflatable easy chair. You just try to reach to the end of the river without either capsizing or getting drowned.

Flying a microlight in East Lothian


East of Scotland Microlights provides gift experience vouchers from £70. These vouchers enable you to get flown around far above the Firth of Forth in a small microlight aircraft. You will ascend over stunning beaches, or move towards Edinburgh on longer flights.

Aqualining at Calvine Canyon


Aqualining is actually a tightrope walking, but the rope is not for the most part tight. You need to pass through a gully over a river. Doesn’t it sound pretty nuts to us? But why not try the adventure out!

Flyboarding on Loch Auchenreoch


If you want to experience flying and drowning simultaneously, why not give a try to fly boarding (mainly, a watery jet-pack) on the picturesque Scottish loch? You can sink through the water like a monster or a scared dolphin for only £95. If you live to tell the tale, the nearby Inn on the Loch is a superior place to rejoice.

Cliff jumping in the Outer Hebrides


Hebridean Pursuits offer co-steering sessions, where you get to mount along the coastline, swim along the shore, and get wet through sea caves. You also get to jump into the water from elevated cliffs, which is frightening.

Paramotoring or paragliding in the Highlands


Beyond Extreme is a reputed paragliding school located next to Loch Ness. They offer a 1 day trial for the paragliding sessions only for £180. You can also give a try to para-motoring.

Extreme kayaking down the Falls of Falloch


It is a gorgeous, terrifying 30-foot high waterfall close to the Highland town of Crianlarich which is known for its kayakers due to its rollercoaster-like slant. You can employ kayaks in nearby Killin to experience this.

Skydiving in Strathallan, Perthshire


For a scary experience, you can move to Skydive Strathallan in Perthshire. It is the oldest skydiving centre in Scotland, which is good because if you at any point of time feel like jumping out of a perfectly fine aircraft without any reasons, you at least are going to be in the experienced hands.



Extremly Adventure Activities You Can Actually Try In Scotland

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