Must Explore Places In The UK That Will Sooth The Soul Of Every Travel Lover


UK, the dream country for travelers welcomes people from all around the world for ages. It is one of the most preferred destinations especially for those who want the goodness of nature and comfort of modernity at the same place. Capturing memorable moments give takes our desire to travel to a height. So, here are some of the places in the UK you can check them out!

London Eye


If you wish to get a clip of London before you begin to explore it, jumping onto a pod in the Eye is the best thought ever. As it takes you higher, the more you get to see an entire panoramic view of the city. Whether it is the River Thames, Big Ben, Parliament or the Buckingham Palace, you can spot them all and capture pictures.

Tower Bridge


The Tower Bridge is located in the middle of the River Thames. It is considered to be a great place to take a leisure walk. The bridge has some truly impressive views, so spending time on the banks of Thames after a walk would be a great plan.

The Buckingham Palace


Certainly, you cannot see the Queen but unquestionably, you can see Queen Victoria’s statue placed across the Buckingham Palace. On all the 4 corners of the memorial, statues of the Angel of Justice, the Angel of Truth and the Charity are set up. On the peak is the Victory with 2 seated figures. You can also walk down the Mall from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square.

Oxford University


You are allowed to check-in to one of the Oxford accommodations or stay at the Malmaison. It basically is a castle-turned-prison-turned-hotel. You can pay a visit to the colleges which are the alma mater of well-known scientists, pose at the Christ Church. The rambling greenery and splendid castles will definitely take you by surprise.

Walk through the Streets of UK


Walking down the streets of the UK can never get tedious or irritating. The various sections of every city have their own specialties to present. They have their own stories to articulate to you as a traveler.



Must Explore Places In The UK That Will Sooth The Soul Of Every Travel Lover

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