Hilarious Whatsapp Chats Between Indian PM Modi And American President Donald Trump


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and American President Donald Trump were scheduled to meet on 26th June. It was one of the most expected meetings between the two world leaders that the entire world was looking forward to.

With their 1st face to face official gathering, Narendra Modi came out tough with his first speech in Trump’s America at Virginia. In his speech, by greeting the Indian-Americans Modi said that India had shown its power to the whole world when they held the surgical strike on the terrorist base in Pakistan. “We’re disciplined, but can show power when needed,” stated Modi.

Before this address Indians, PM Modi met some superior officials of the 20 US organizations, counting Google’s Sundar Pichai and Apple’s Tim Cook.

Now, the way President Trump will take this meeting forward will be appealing to see, as Obama and Modi’s great bond of friendship is eminent around the globe and Trump (who most likely hates Obama) is aware of this quite well.

While there was some time left before their meeting; PM Modi and Trump initiated a FAKE chat group on WhatsApp and made Russian President Vladimir Putin a part of it. This is because where there’s Trump, there’s Putin.

What If Indian Prime Minister Narendra created a WhatsApp group with the name ”True friend Trump’‘ and added the busy Russian President, Vladimir Putin to it. What would have happened then? Well, you don’t need to visualize; because we’ve done that for you.

Let us have a look:

It was the Indian Prime Minister Modi who formed the group. Overwhelmed with Modi’s nod, Trump said a Hello to the Indian PM. And as President Trump has been made fun of for his emo faces, he used his picture to stimulate the excitement in Modi.


When Indian PM Modi saw those texts, he replied to President Trump.


Trump then asked Modi to spot his hot tweet in which he referred to Modi as a True Friend.


But again, in his attempt to make an impression on Narendra Modi, the US President didn’t recognize that ‘True Friend’ in his tweet has been plagiarized from their WhatsApp group’s name only.

Indian journalist, Anirvan Ghosh had tweeted this in response to Trump’s ‘True Friend’ tweet.


But, what happened next after this is mind-boggling. Modi by mistake tweeted this to President Trump.


Quiet from a long time, Russian President, Vladimir Putin at last replied with two laughing emojis. It reflects his political agenda very well.

Trump, as we know doesn’t like Obama, got annoyed and threatened Narendra Modi to see him in the White House.


Modi replied back with WWE wrestler John Cena’s image saying “You Can’t See Me.” Putin, who was replied again with a grin!


A huge comeback from Trump!


Any real Indian would extremely dislike replying this question. Annoyed Narendra Modi replied back to Trump.


Shifting the topic, Modi asked Trump this…


Narendra Modi then asked Trump if he has set invite to Putin as well?


Putin left after making a wicked announcement in the group.


Note: This WhatsApp conversation is not real and does not claim to have any resemblance with real incidences.



Hilarious Whatsapp Chats Between Indian PM Modi And American President Donald Trump

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